Uses Of Glass In Building Interiors: 3D CAD Drawing Services

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The AEC Associates 3D CAD Drawing Services keep striving to find suitable materials that may give their buildings an elegant look besides performing their functional role efficiently. Glass is one of the earliest materials that has been a favorite with the architects and interior designers for its elegance and versatility; and it still remains a material of choice for 3D CAD drawing services. Glass has been used to create some of the most astounding building around the world from times immemorial, be it the stained glass windows of world’s best churches or medieval or modern office buildings, museums or commercial complexes etc.


A versatile material

Glass has always been a very versatile building material and with the development in the technology in recent times, it has become an extremely useful material for 3D CAD drawing services. It has the potential to make exterior and interior of a building aesthetically beautiful, functionally efficient and very elegant looking. You can use it for glazing, tiling, screening purposes, murals and artifacts, sound proofing, energy efficiency, and so on, the list is virtually endless. Let us discuss some main uses of this wonderful material for modern-day designers. Different types of glass available now are also mentioned below.


Types of modern glass

We have known certain types of glass from the early glass- stained glass, plain and tinted glass etc. Carving on glass was also popular in some cultures. However, modern technology as given a new dimension to the versatility of this age-old material. Some of the most useful varieties available today, each with their own characteristics and qualities, are as follows:

· Plain glass

· Tinted glass

· Float glass

· Solar control glass

· Double-glazed glass

Glass is a multipurpose material that holds immense potential as a building material for 3D CAD drawing services. We shall discuss some of the main advantages of using glass for interior purposes in our next post.


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