CAD Documentation Services: How Important Is Auditing

There are many misconceptions about the real motive of auditing, however, it's meant to improve the system, not to find scapegoats. The article discusses some of the intricacies of the process of auditing .

Unfortunately, when it comes to The AEC Associates CAD Documentation Services , auditing is often considered a dirty word. People at CAD Documentation services usually have a misconception that the purpose of auditing is only to find scapegoats by singling out some person or persons for the failure of a project or the deficiencies of the process. However, that's certainly not the purpose of an auditing team.

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Real purpose of auditing:

As a matter of fact, auditing is not another name for witch hunt as many people believe. It's not done with the sole purpose of looking for errors or faults of a system, or for that matter of a person. Auditing is after all not another name for policing, it's actually about looking for the source of the quality produced by the team.


The methodology:

As mentioned above, the purpose of auditing is to determine the source of quality produced by a team in particular or an organization as a whole. The auditors usually begin with by perusing the quality reports and examining the project types handled by the CAD documentation services over a period of time. This helps them define an expected level of quality, also called consistent quality level (CQL). As was made clear earlier, the purpose of auditing is not policing but to determine the source of this quality consistency. The objective is to maintain and improve the efficiency of the system and detect the shortcomings, an auditor is not supposed to either appreciate or criticize any individual or an organization. One can, therefore, infer that the main objective of the whole process of auditing is to maintain the practices that help the team deliver the goods and improve upon the ones that are not up to the mark. There is nothing personal here against any individual or group.


Working in an open, transparent environment is always the best practice for CAD documentation services as it helps them improve efficiency and save time, and time is of course money in today's world. The computerized documentation and drawings hardly give them any chance to erase the records before an audit anyway. It is important to remove the misgivings and misconceptions about auditing, professionals must understand that auditing is not equivalent to policing. It's not meant to find scapegoats but to find the source of errors in a system or process and help an organization remove it to improve efficiency.

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