CAD Design And Drafting Services: The Concept Of Universal Design 2

CAD Design And Drafting Services: The
Concept Of Universal Design
CAD Design And Drafting Services: The Concept Of Universal Design

The concept of Universal Design is a recent one that mandates The AEC Associates CAD Design and Drafting Services to make their designs accessible for all sections of the society, including those with special needs. By allowing everyone to make full use of the buildings/ facilities, CAD design and drafting services help them live a normal life and realize their full potential, a boon for the entire society. We discussed in our previous post the main features of this revolutionary concept that offers a comfortable, hazard-free living environment to all the citizens, including the disabled, elderly and sick people, and also very young children. We elaborate on some of the features here that need special attention of the designers.


• The roads:

The population explosion and ever-increasing number of automobiles on the roads make them very difficult to negotiate even by normal people. CAD design and drafting services must make arrangements to keep them safe for all the citizens, providing features that help people with special needs use them without risking their life or health. There should be technological and human aid available to help the disabled or elderly people cross the roads at busy junctions, and so on. Such devices are available, designers should provide them and administration should ensure compliance by general public. Similarly, safe and easy to negotiate pedestrian paths should be designed and built to make it convenient and safe for everyone according to the concept of Universal Design.


There are many more facets of Universal Design that are aimed at making life comfortable for people and allowing them to contribute towards the progress of the society even if they have limited abilities due to physical problems or growing age. We shall continue to discuss the role of CAD design and drafting services in making public and private buildings/ amenities convenient and hazard-free for people with special needs in our next post.


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