7 Design Considerations For Architectural Drawing Services While
Designing Primary School Buildings (Continued..2)
7 Design Considerations For Architectural Drawing Services While Designing Primary School Buildings (Continued..2)

Designing primary school buildings is a tough job with so many elements to be considered. The post continues to discuss some of the main design elements for designing an efficient primary school building.


The AEC Associates Architectural Drawing Services have to design various types of buildings for their clients, they should have people with expertise in designing these structures. One of the most challenging jobs for Architectural drawing services is to design a primary school building since it involves dealing with several aspects including physical, mental and emotional security of small children. We discussed accessibility as one of the essential elements of a primary school building In our previous post. Following are some more design elements to be considered by the designers in the context.

· Aesthetic appearance

Making a school building functionally efficient is imperative for Architectural drawing services, no doubt, but the importance of its physical appearance can not be undermined either. It is essential to build a sense of pride and belonging among students and the staff by making the school building visually appealing and consistent with the design and context of the neighborhood.


The external appearance should be visually pleasing while the interior spaces should be comfortable and welcoming besides providing an environment that enhances the learning process.

· Cost factor

Cost is an important element when going for a public structure like a primary school building. The budgets for such buildings are usually limited, but compromising with the facilities or the education to be imparted cannot be permitted. It’snecessary to balance the initial design and construction costs with the operating and maintenance cost to make the project viable.The project could be made cost effective by planning the use of recyclable and recycled materials.


Designing efficient primary school buildings is a huge responsibility for Architectural drawing services as they perform the important job of transforming today’s children into the responsible citizens of the future. We shall continue this discussion on the major elements to be considered while designing primary school buildings in our next post.


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