4 Benefits Of Collaborating With Building Information
Modeling Services
4 Benefits Of Collaborating With Building Information Modeling Services

The new-age process adopted by The AEC Associates Building Information Modeling Services has the potential to change the entire face of the AEC industry by offering countless advantages. BIM is much more powerful than 3D CAD software and if adopted in a holistic manner allows Building Information Modeling services more freedom to experiment and innovate and reduce errors, and makes the building process far more efficient and error-free than any other building system. Building Information Modeling (or BIM as it’s commonly called) is just as useful and beneficial for the end-users as it is for the industry professionals. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of embracing this new-age technology.


· A shared information resource for all stakeholders

One of the greatest benefits of working with Building Information Modeling services is that BIM is a shared information resource for all the stakeholders. You can input and access relevant discipline specific information from this pool whenever you need it. It forms a reliable basis for decision making during the entire lifecycle of the structure. It’s thus as useful during maintenance and operation stage of the building as during construction.


· More versatile

BIM allows you to work in 5 dimensions as against 3 dimensions allowed by 3D CAD software time and cost are the additional dimensions. You can prepare accurate cost and material estimates and time schedules at any stage of the process.


· A more comprehensive overview

BIM presents a more holistic overview of building process, not just a geometric view of the structure. It covers each individual component of the process from geometrical aspect of the design and spatial relationship, provision of various services and topographical information etc.


· Lifelike views

Building Information Modeling services provide various views using a building model, and also high-quality, accurate drawings. These views are lifelike, giving an exact, realistic idea of the final product. This is especially useful for Building Information Modeling services in conveying to the clients well in advance what they are going to get.


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