3 Things To Ensure Before Choosing Your PDF To CAD Conversion Vendor

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Thousands of online conversion companies have mushroomed across the world in recent years assuring their clients an accurate, top-quality PDF to CAD Conversion job. PDF to CAD conversion has become an integral part of the working of building industry; however, firms often face a dilemma whether to go for these online companies for the conversion job or depend on their own in-house teams. As we know, a lot depends on the quality of these converted drawings, so you must judge the capability and competence of your vendor before awarding the project to them.


Choosing your vendor

Unlike what many people think, PDF to CAD conversion is not an easy or a simple task. It’s important to make sure that your vendor has the expertise to deal with all the issues that might come up while converting PDF files into CAD DWG (or DXF) files. Following are a few things you must ensure before going ahead with outsourcing your conversion job.


· Converting CAD entities

As we know, PDF vector graphics are limited and a PDF file does not contain any CAD entities like arcs or circles. One has to make these arcs and circles either out of many short lines that are difficult to edit or out of Bezier curves that are no less hard to handle. You must make sure your vendor has professionals capable of handling these CAD entities.


· Converting text

Converting text from a PDF file into a CAD file is a complex job. The reason is that PDF files allow for very fine positional accuracy of text; they hold words and sentences as a set of individual characters, each character having an associated positional and style information. If you are not skilled enough, this accuracy will get affected during the conversion and this may cause the resultant text to be illegible or at least inaccurate.

  • Using a good quality software

If a good quality conversion software is not used for PDF to CAD conversion job, many problems may arise. One of these problems is that you may get a separate raster file for each raster image, making it virtually impossible to store and later restore your drawing. A top-class software ensures that there is only one raster file for all the raster images in a drawing. So, make sure your vendor employs only a good quality conversion software for the job. These steps would ensure that you receive top-quality converted drawings for your design process.


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