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3 Reasons CAD Design And Drafting Services Can’t Ignore The Importance Of Colors

Colors play a very important role in our day-to-day lives.We continue our discussion on the importance of colors for the buildingexteriors and interiors.

Colors are mighty important for The AEC Associates CAD design and drafting services… as they play a major role in determining thequality of a building.


As we discussed in our previous post, nearly everything around us is identified through their colors; it’s impossible for CAD design and drafting services to ignore the importance of color schemes in their buildings.

Colors are visual sensations that have the power of transforming the quality of a space; the entire effect can in fact be altered just by changing the individual color or a color scheme without changing anything else.


A designer can use the power of colors to instantly lift the quality of an interior, hide the surface problems or minimize the effects of design deficiencies. We discuss here a few reasons why the colors are so important for both the exterior and interior of a building.

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· Reflecting the personality of the building owner:

Color schemes used in a building reflect the personality of the owner in an unambiguous manner. While a lively person would go for vibrantcolors, neutral or inconspicuous colors would be favored by a sober person.


Itbecomes important for CAD design and drafting services… to understand thepersonalities of their clients along with their likes and dislikes regardingcolors before finalizing the color combinations for the exteriors and interiorsof the buildings.

· Effect on moods:

It has been proved beyond doubt that colors can be very effective in controlling the moods of the occupants. While some colors can create a melancholymood, some others may be used to create a positive mindset and a happy mood inthe buildings.


Designers use sunny hues to create an atmosphere of cheerfulness;children’s rooms are often given a touch of vibrant red on white that brings in the feeling of energy and sparkle; similarly, shades of blue and green are used to create a calm, sober environment. It’s so remarkable how the whole mood can be altered dramatically by altering the color scheme of a building.

· Changing visual perception:

We often wish to change a built space, which is notpossible. However, it’s possible to change the way the space looks through theuse of colors. Bright colors or the darker shades can make a large space appearsomewhat smaller. Similarly, a small space can be made to look larger by usinglighter shades or a sober color scheme.


CAD design and drafting services cannot undermine the effect of colors on our eyes, our moods, our mindset and in fact on our whole personality. A careful yet innovative use of colors can make a building that extra quality that makes it very livable and gives it the stamp of the owner’s personality.……………

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