Architectural CAD conversion has gradually become an integral part of the 3d CAD design process in this era of CAD software. The post discusses some of the main challenges faced by vendors during the Architectural CAD conversion process.

3 Main Challenges Faced By Architectural CAD
Conversion Services
3 Main Challenges Faced By Architectural CAD Conversion Services

There is often a misconception even among some industry professionals that PDF to CAD conversion is quite a simple and easy process, however, the fact is that top providers of Architectural CAD Conversion Services like The AEC Associates face several great challenges during the conversion process. What gives people this impression is perhaps the availability of hundreds of online and off-line companies offering Architectural CAD conversion services, each one of them promising exceptional end-results.Before we discuss the main challenges of the conversion process, let us know about the two file types used for PDF to CAD conversion. Quite evidently, these file types are CAD (DWG or DXF) used by the professionals for storing heavy 2D and 3D design data, and PDF that is used for converting these drawings into a lighter format that cannot be tampered with and can easily be reconverted into the original CAD format.

Challenges of Architectural CAD conversion

1. Lack of vector entities

One of the main challenges faced by the vendors offering Architectural CAD conversion services during the conversion process is that a vector PDF file contains no CAD arc or circle entities. These arcs and circles have to be generatedeither out of many short lines or out of Bezier curves; a very complicated process.The end-product requires skill and experience and you need to employ top-quality conversion software for the job.


2. Presence of text strings

Words and sentences are stored in PDF files as text strings, each one with specific positional and style information. Even a slight error or misjudgmentcan render the resultant text illegible or at least unclear. One needs a lot of practice to perform this job efficiently and effectively.


3. Creation of raster files

Raster images contained in PDF files offer a great challenge for Architectural CAD conversion services as these images may generate many raster files during the conversion process.This makes restoring and maintaining converted drawings a big challenge. Top-quality conversion software must be used for conversion as they ensure that there is just a single raster file for the entire drawing.


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