3 Issues That Make Architectural CAD Conversion A Specialized Job

Architectural CAD conversion is not as easy or simple a job as many people assume it to be. The post takes a look at a few issues that make it a specialized job.

The AEC Associates Architectural CAD conversion has become an essential feature for the building industry, but unlike what many people think, it's not such an easy or simple task as can be performed by any unskilled person. There are several issues with the architectural CAD conversion that have to be addressed if quality and accuracy are to be maintained up to the desired levels. Here are top three issues that need to be taken care of for a high-quality end result.

  • 1. Lack of CAD entities:

A PDF file may contain several pages, each page being a combination of 2D vector graphics, text or raster images. Vector graphic objects contained in the PDF files are quite simple types, like lines, polygons, and beziers etc. A vector PDF file doesn't contain any CAD arc or circle entities,so these arcs and circles have to be made out of several short lines that are pretty difficult to edit, or out of Bezier curves that are equally difficult to handle. A top-quality conversion involves replacing these short lines or Bezier curves with true CAD arcs and circle entities,that only a skilled and experienced person or organization can achieve with desired speed and accuracy.

  • 2. Maintaining line width information:

A PDF file may contain lines of various types and line width information associated with each vector entity. A quality Architectural CAD conversion must retain this information accurately if drawing quality is to be retained. This is imperative since these drawings are the starting point for an ambitious project that means a lot to both the client and the architect.

  • 3. Conversion of text:

PDF files allow for fine positional accuracy of text. Words and sentences are often held as a set of individual characters, each character having distinctive positional and style information. Just in case reassembly of these characters is not done optimally, the text appearing in the converted drawings may be difficult to decipher.


A quality Architectural CAD conversion needs to take care of these challenging issues in order to give an outstanding output, which is possible only if highly skilled professionals are employed and top-quality software is used.

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